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Hi Lovelies,

Long time, no speak!! I’ve been busy busy with my students finishing up for the year 😀

But now that I’m on holidays I’ve been stuck into making lots of new videos and I want to start blogging every second day on my holidays – yay!

I thought I’d start out by sharing with you some of my Current Product Empties.

Beauty empties

I pretty much repurchased all of these product empties, which is not always the case. It turns out quite a few of these products have turned into my favourites haha

If you have a recent product empties blog post or video, leave your link in the comment section, I’d love to read/watch yours as well!

PS. I’ve got so many exciting things happening next year, can’t wait to share my experiences with you 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful day/night,

Mel xx

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