Elucent Anti Ageing Skincare


Elucent Anti Ageing Skincare

Hi Lovelies,

I recently had the opportunity to try out some products from the Elucent Anti Ageing Skincare range and thought I would share my experience.

This is my first time using the brand Elucent and I’ve heard great things!


* Dermatologist recommended

* Dermatologically tested

* Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards

* Not tested on animals

* Made in Australia

The entire Elucent range is available at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and on egoeshop.com.au

What Elucent say about their anti-ageing range:

“Using a multi-faceted approach to younger skin, Elucent Anti-Ageing combines the proven wrinkle-reduction qualities of AHAs and the beautifying properties of a select blend of vitamins. Alpha Hydroxy Acids work to help accelerate the skin’s natural process exfoliation, and have been scientifically proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.”


Here are the products I have been trialling:

Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser with 2% AHAs

140g, RRP $29.99

What Elucent say:

“Carefully formulated with a blend of cleansers and moisturisers this gentle cleanser will refresh the skin without causing dryness, while the combination of AHAs and vitamins B3 and E work together to gently exfoliate and visibly revitalise the skin. After using this face wash, your skin is perfectly prepared for your Elucent moisturiser.”

This cleanser is a new favourite! I’ve been using it every morning and it really does leave my skin feeling fresh and revitalised. It does give a slight tingling sensation but it doesn’t last long and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I don’t feel any dryness after using it and I love the scent of it as well!

Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF 50+

95ml, RRP $49.99

What Elucent say:

“State-of-the-art triple action moisturiser visibly reduces wrinkles with 4% AHAs; helps maintain skin hydration by reducing water loss from the skin whilst improving skin texture and tone with vitamin B3 and E. Helps protect against the damaging effects of the sun with a broad spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen.”

Hmmm I’m in two minds with this moisturiser. I love that it is SPF50 and it does moisturise my skin nicely and I didn’t get dry or oily skin during the day. The cons for me is the price and the scent. I think $49.99 is a bit expensive for a day moisturiser. I’d prefer to spend a bit on serums and targeted skincare products but on a daily moisturiser I like to keep about the $20-$30 mark. And I’m not a fan of the scent, which lingers as well.

Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser

50g, RRP $49.99

What Elucent say:

“Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser is a luxurious regenerating anti-ageing night cream. The skin refining and scientifically proven key ingredients, a blend of 4% lactic and 4% glycolic acid, work together to help reduce the visible signs of ageing. Combined with the antioxidants Vitamin B3 and E, which are known for their ability to improve skin elasticity, and Vitamin C, Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser works to improve skin tone and firmness. Used nightly, moisture levels are replenished while you sleep leaving you skin hydrated.” 

Ok now this night moisturiser is a winner!! Even though it has that $49.99 price tag, I believe this one is worth it. It’s thick and hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Thumbs up from me 😀

So they’re the 3 Elucent Anti Ageing products that I’ve been trialling and what I think of them.

They’ve also got a serum, body moisturiser and eye cream in their anti ageing range.

Let me know if you’ve tried any products from Elucent as well and what you think!

Hope you have a great day/night,

Love, Mel xx

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