Instant Beehive Hair Pieces


I’ve seen quite a few videos and posts recently on the Mod 60’s look and how it’s coming back into Style (I think it should always be on trend – love it ha)

As you guys know, I love hair that has volume so I’m in love with these hairstyles:
For these hair styles it requires quite a lot of back combing.
The Instant Beehive hair piece creates instant volume without having to excessively backcomb your hair!! Perfect :o)
I’ve been selling the Instant Beehive Hair Pieces in my store for quite awhile now and they’ve always been popular sellers.

You can get them here:
I’ve also previously filmed two YouTube Hair Tutorials using the Hair Piece:

 They are also perfect for Wedding or Formal UpStyles when you need extra volume.
I have them available in four different colours: 
Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown/Black
If you have any questions, let me know, but otherwise I hope you’re 
having a lovely day!!

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