Lust Have It Review


Hi Lovelies,

Thought I would share with you what I got in my latest Lust Have It pack 🙂

Lust Have It Review

Lust Have It is a monthly beauty subscription service, available for $19.95 a month at

And for $10 off you can use this Lust Have It Discount Code: TANGO2


Spectrum Of Stars Eyeshadow

Teeez Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Teeez Eyeshadow

Full Size

RRP AU$29.00

“Curious array of intensely, eye-catching hues add intrigue to any outfit. Some are double changeant, others are triple. They’re all exquisitely crafted finishes from shimmering to metallic to high gloss. In a kaleidoscope of sublime colours with staying power. The effect? Luminescent. Including Argan Oil with anti-ageing properties to moisturise your skin for a smooth texture. Don’t miss this bit of velvety bliss for outrageous on-trend eyes.”

Available from

I love the packaging!!

This shade, Vanilla Sunbeam, will be perfect to use as a highlighter or eyeshadow.

It’s got a peachy/champagne tone with a beautiful sheen.



Recovery Leave-In Hair Moisturiser

PHR Leave In Conditioner

15ml Sample Size

Full Size is RRP AU$35.95 for 125ml

“Uniquely rich natural leave-in hair moisturiser designed to seal in hydration and help protect hair against damage from heat styling appliances. It renews brittle hair and leaves hair beautiful looking, full of luster and bounce. It feeds the hair with essential vitamin and proteins to maintain health and shine.”

Available from

I love hair masks so I’m looking forward to trying this one out.

It’s Australian Made, cruelty free and paraben/toxin free.



Baume Grenadine Lip Balm

Lollipops Lip Gloss

Full Size

RRP AU$7.45

“Creamy lip balm and rich in shea butter, oil, macadamia and vitamin E, with restorative and nourishing properties while gentle on the lips. Red shiny finish with irresistible sweet smell.”

I’ve been wearing this all day and it’s so hydrating and smells amazing!!



Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen

Starlooks Eye Liner Pen

Full Size

RRP AU$20.00

“A staple product for every makeup lover, this felt tipped pen makes it impeccably easy to create flawless eye lines of any variety. Whether daily, nightly or anytime in between, Starlooks Eye Liner Pen enhances all eye colours, shapes and sizes with its exclusive, incomparable pro formula.”

Available from

I used this eyeliner today and it was very easy to use.

I’m a huge fan of very fine tip eyeliner pens and this one is very precise, pigmented and long-lasting. Thumbs Up!



Perfectly Matte Opaque Leggings

Razzamatazz Leggings

Full Size (thanks goodness haha)

RRP AU$11.95

“Say hello to comfort! The unique Razzamatazz No-Dig waistband gently hugs your waist and moves with your body so you feel good as you look.”

Available from Coles, Woolies and Big W.

It was interesting to see these leggings in my pack but it was a great surprise. They will be very handy!



Urban Skincare Body Balm

There was a bonus product in this month’s pack and I received a deluxe sample of the Urban Skincare Co Infuse Body Balm.

I’ve used this before and loved it so I was very happy to get another tub of it.

Available from


Once again I was really impressed with everything and I’d have to say the Eyeshadow was my favourite product.

Let me know if you got this Lust Have It pack as well and what you thought 🙂

Have a great day/night,

Mel xx

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