My Pregnancy Journey


My Pregnancy Journey

 Hi Lovelies,

I hope you’ve been well 😀

As I sit down to write this post, my little one is next to me playing with his toys. It’s amazing to look over at him and think this time last year I was just starting out on this magical journey.

It all started around this time last year when I bought many a pregnancy test!! I actually went back to the same chemist that I bought my original test from and told her it came out positive and that I need more just to make sure!! She wished me luck and sent me on my way with a bottle of water haha. 5 pregnancy tests later and a doctors visit and it was confirmed, we’re PREGNANT!!

To be honest, my husband and I were looking at starting to try for a baby sometime during last year but before we could start ‘tracking’ ovulation days etc, it all just happened and I’m oh so very grateful.

From the word go, I knew I wanted to try for a natural birth. I knew that if I wanted to take that path, I had to put in a lot of research time and dedication and that’s what I did. I’ll talk more about my birthing experience in another blog post or video. But for now I thought I’d share with you my pregnancy journey over my three trimesters. I’ll also include as many tips as I can 😀

My First Trimester:

Now, as soon as I found out that I was pregnant, along came the 24/7 seediness (like a bad hangover). It was worse in the afternoon/evening so I wouldn’t call it morning sickness but rather all day sickness.. I could only eat really bland things so it was just plain rice and cheese on the menu most nights haha. I found eating raw Ginger and drinking Peppermint Tea helped a bit. At one point I said to my husband that I couldn’t remember ever feeling un-seedy. But I knew that my body was going through a huge process of creating a beautiful home for my baby, so that made me feel better and kept a smile on my face 😀

I decided that I wasn’t going to read any pregnancy forums or download any apps, I really wanted my pregnancy to be my own journey rather than people telling me how I should be feeling at each stage. I really recommend this to any newly pregnant ladies, it keeps anxiety and worry at bay.

I also started Pilates classes in my First Trimester which I must say was one of the best decisions. I did private classes with my Mum on the Pilates Reformers and our instructor was experienced in pregnancy Pilates so he really looked after me and worked all the right areas to get me ready for child birth. I definitely recommend starting Pilates in your First Trimester as I believe it really helped with getting my body ready for labour.

As for vitamins: I was already taking Elevit about 6 months before I fell pregnant so I kept taking that each day and I also added a Fish Oil tablet.

I started applying body oil to my belly in the First Trimester as well. I was always told that stretch marks are hereditary so I was expecting to get them as my Mum had them with all three of her pregnancies. But.. I ended up not getting one!! This is the oil that I used and have spoken about in a few of my videos.

I also bought and wore a Harmony Necklace as I had read that it’s pleasant for your baby to hear that dinging sound. I’m not sure if that’s true haha but I wore it all throughout my pregnancy anyway 😀

And to wrap up my First Trimester: I didn’t have any cravings and I slept sooo much!! I could never keep my eyes open in the afternoons so there was a lot of napping 😀

My Second Trimester:

At around 18 weeks the seediness started to go away – yay!! This is when I started feeling fantastic!!

I was still doing my two Pilates classes a week and walking everyday. I was less tired but still getting heaps of sleep and rest.

Here’s our puppy, Aston, keeping my belly warm 😀

The only thing that I found challenging was not being able to sleep on my tummy haha. I’m a huge tummy sleeper and that was a no-go from around 20 weeks. I invested in a pregnancy pillow that made my side sleeping easier and comfortable.

The only thing that I craved, weirdly, was Burger Rings!! What?? haha

I also started researching and practicing Hypnobirthing. I decided that it was definitely what I wanted to do while in Labour to try and avoid getting an Epidural, which there’s nothing wrong with, I just wanted to try and go as natural as possible. I didn’t actually attend classes, I just got a lot of resources from the Hypnobirthing Australia website, watched a lot of YouTube videos about Hypnobirthing and had a couple of apps that I listened to every day and night (Inner Power Hypnobirthing and iHypnoBirth).

And to wrap up my Second Trimester: I really loved being pregnant!!

My Third Trimester:

I was still resting heaps but doing as much activity as possible. I finished up work about 6 weeks before my due date.

I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea that is meant to help the labour process.

Now this is probably TMI but I started using an Epi-No. I’ll let you google what it is haha. I believe it helped me with my labour as well.

I was really getting into my Hypnobirthing training. And another good exercise that I did every night was pain training (insert horrified emoji here haha). I know it doesn’t sound pleasant but it really helped me understand how much my body could take and how I could block out most of the pain through visualisation and breathing. I had my husband pinch really hard on the inside of my thigh for approximately 60 seconds (trying to replicate a contraction) while I focused on a point and breathed through the pain. I didn’t think it worked at first but when I un-visualised and got him to do the same thing, I squealed!!!! That then made me realise I could divert most of the pain myself if I really focused.

All of this training I did every night, my husband was shocked that I wasn’t sitting back and using my pregnancy as an excuse to just chill out. Once again, I just knew that I wanted to try as hard as I could for a natural birth and knew that it wouldn’t just happen, I had to work for it!!

We also attended Antenatal classes at our hospital that ran over 4 weeks (one night a week).

We had my Maternity Photos done when I was 34 weeks. You can see some of the photos here.

My Mum and Girlfriends hosted a Baby Shower for me when I was about 36 weeks, it was so beautiful and I had a wonderful afternoon.

I had our nursery all setup at about 37 weeks and I often sat in my nursing chair waiting haha

Here I am 2 days before I went into labour (40 weeks). My girlfriends were messaging me asking how I was going and if I was uncomfortable etc. but I really still felt great!! I did go into full boar nesting mode though 😀 I fully scrubbed down everything and cleaned out the kitchen, I took everything out of the pantry and cupboards and reorganised. It was a site, I assure you!!

And here I am all excited in the hospital the day of little Lachlans birth!!

(With my phone in my hand, probably playing Candy Crush haha 😀 )

To Be Continued…. xx

2 Comments on My Pregnancy Journey

  1. Talia
    February 27, 2017 at 10:17 pm (12 months ago)

    Such a beautiful post! I cannot wait to hear about the birth. I’ve always been interested in Hypnobirth ?

  2. Natasha short
    March 1, 2017 at 8:13 pm (12 months ago)

    Beautiful post Mel. Loved the photos xx Tash


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